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Score Writing

Richard Baughman - Percussion, Score Writing, Recording

Every season, pipe bands must create new drum scores to use for their competitions. With Richard Baughman's Score Writing & Recording Service, Richard can write, create, modify, and edit drum scores for pipe band drum corps. He can write scores for the snare section, mid-section, and bass section. Richard will provide easy-to-read, quality scores that your band can perform with confidence.

How it works:

The pipe major sends Richard a recording of the band's piping tunes recorded with a metronome at the tempo the band wants to compete. Richard then writes the scores. He can also voice parts for the tenor section, which are more complicated than what most band leaders can create. Richard's background with Finale music writing software allows him to create beautiful, clean, professional scores, which can be read clearly and easily by all band members.

"After struggling with teaching and writing settings for a newly formed Grade 4 band, I turned to Richard for guidance and help.

His advice was spot on and the settings he wrote for the sides, tenors and bass not only helped to move the tunes along but were instrumental in clarifying the musical intent of the different dance tunes in our medley. This was a huge plus for beginners.

Richard's background as a Grade 2 piper added insight that helped the pipe corps as much as the drum corps."

- Gary McLucas - Lead Drummer, Indiana Caledonia Pipe Band

Score Writing Benefits:

Here is an example of a drum score written with a computer program. The clarity and ease of reading is remarkable.

ICPB Med March
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Score Writing

Each band will be provided with a professional quality recording of the drum scores that they will play for the season. This recording will serve as a guide for the drum corp members so they will have the advantage of hearing an expert play the drum scores as they master them throughout the year. In addition, Richard can make a video recording of the drum scores so the players can see the technique and practice the visual aspect of playing in a drum corps.

How It Works:

Richard will send audio recordings (video optional) of the drum scores played in sync with the piping tunes. Richard's background in music software, bagpiping, and drumming, enables him to record all the sounds of the band together as well as separately so that the players will not only get a sense of their individual role but they will also understand how their part blends with the whole band. These recordings serve as the blueprint for the band's season. As players practice, they have the recordings as a guide and tutor.

Recording benefits:

Having recorded scores gives pipe bands a very helpful representation of the performance they want to achieve during the competition season. With a quality recording, the goals for the season can be defined and achieved.

Here is an audio sample recording of Richard's score writing services:

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