Perfect Practice PadTM

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Designed by Richard Baughman specifically with versatility and affordability in mind, the Perfect Practice PadTM has a unique design that allows you to practice on many great surfaces and attach the pad to a harness or drum pad stand. These characteristics make the Perfect Practice PadTM superior to all other drum pads.

The removable inserts provide flexibility in playing surfaces for varied feels, techniques, and dynamics. Inserts are available for practicing snare drum, brushes, and timpani. A generous 10" playing surface gives the player plenty of room to play. Please specify which insert/s you would like to come with the Perfect Practice PadTM when purchasing.

The design of the Perfect Practice PadTM makes it easy to practice anywhere. When practicing marching style drumming, use the PPPTM Harness Attachment for more effective practice. The pad also fits perfectly onto a snare drum using the PPPTM Snare Drum Adapter. For use on a stand, easily screw the PPPTM onto any ¼ inch practice pad stand.

Additionally, the wide base makes it well suited for standard drum stands compared to many drum pads that are too small or awkward to fit. Richard recommends The Perfect Practice PadTM for every type of drummer using sticks or brushes.

Key Features:

  • Pad can be rigged to a drum harness or snare drum
  • Pad can be screwed into a ¼ practice pad stand such as the Cannon Practice Pad Stand REM-ST1
  • Pad Inserts can be changed for specific types of practice
  • Inserts can be replaced individually from wear
  • Inserts are not glued down

Pad Benefits:

  • Pleasurable surfaces for practicing
  • Can be used on the lap, drum stand, on a harness, or on a table
  • Affordable with a sleek look

Purchase Perfect Practice PadTM and Accessories